Night Diaries
Poems by Dave Awl


Hello. This is a collection of poems—an electronic chapbook, if you will—written primarily during 1995, '96, and early '97. Thank you for perusing them. I'd appreciate any feedback, thoughts, comments, responses, turnips, thermometers, heavy twine, garden implements etc. you would care to send my way, at:

And a special thank you to Scott Hermes for designing and fully Webbitizing these poems back in 1997.


My legal department directs me to inform you, in compliance with FDA regulations, that these poems are not recommended for the surrealism-intolerant.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Your payment of $33.82 will be credited on your next statement. Do not send cash. Do not enclose materials containing elements higher than 94 on the periodic table. Contact authorities immediately in case of accidental dismemberment.