1996 Dave Awl


[Dave and Stephanie sit on either side of a small table with a banana on the table between them.]

Dave: Self would like other to peel banana for self.

Steph: Other suggests that self would enjoy banana more if self peeled banana for self.

Dave: Self is impatient with this suggestion. Self reiterates desire for other to peel banana for self.

Steph: Other raises the question of why self is considered self and why other other. After all, other reflects, to other, other seems like self.

Dave: Self finds this entire discussion to be ludicrous, and suggests that conversation be returned to the more important matter of the banana. Self reiterates--yet again--desire for other to peel banana for self.

Steph: Other continues to consider its line of thought, and realizes that to other, other is self and self is other.

Dave: Self tediously explains the obvious truth that only self can be self, therefore other must be other.

Steph: Other has come to a decision. Other decides that other is, in fact, self, and therefore other will begin referring to other as self and to self as other.

Dave: Self is beginning to feel marginalized, devalued, and yet, at the same time--in some vague, difficult-to-articulate way--relieved of some unnamable burden. Self begins thinking of self as other; from there it is only a short step to referring to oneself as other.

Steph: Self has begun to feel extremely centered.

Dave: Other feels somehow made less, and yet, at the same time, somehow made greater as well. Other realizes that self is eternally alone, but other is never separated from the collective. Other is everything self is not.

Steph: Self would like other to peel banana for self.

[Dave peels banana and hands it to Steph. She eats it contentedly.]


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