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The Partly Dave Show FAQ

WHAT sort of thing is it?
A monthly cabaret show mixing live music & spoken word performances, hosted by Dave Awl.
Who is this Dave Awl character, anyway?

WHEN does it occur?
The second Wednesday of each month, at 8pm.

HOW MUCH is it?
$7 or "pay what you can."
(That means you don't have to stay home because you're broke again, girlfriend.)

WHERE can it be found, in a geographical sense?
The No Exit Café, 6970 N. Glenwood (Morse el stop) in Chicago.

What is there to EAT?
Go ahead and show up hungry!
No Exit serves a full veggie-friendly café menu: There's usually one entrée (like veggie lasagna or pasta) plus sandwiches, soups & pastries, and all your favorite coffee drinks and other beverages (including my favorite, Green River sodas). The food is good and CHEAP.

WHAT ELSE can you tell me about

No Exit Café is a cozy, intimate space right near the beloved Heartland Café in Rogers Park. It's just off the Morse stop on the Red Line and there's free parking at Glenwood & Estes (two blocks north at the Trilogy parking lot).
Visit the No Exit Web page for more info!

What other FUN FACTS can you share?

  • The Partly Dave Show is always smoke-free!
  • The Partly Dave Show is always "Pay what you can!"
  • The Partly Dave show is never forced to land on water!
  • The Partly Dave show is rarely attacked by flying weasels!

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Not your everyday horse-frightening cabaret excursion.
More fun than a Winnebago full of lemurs.
Guaranteed not to stain or wrinkle.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004:

Hooray for Anthropomorphism!

Kukla, Fran, Oliver Dragon and Burr

A Celebration of Personification

Puppets! Talking lawn ornaments!
Singing toasters!

Hosted by Dave Awl

With performances by
Jeff Dorchen, John Pierson,
Phil Ridarelli, Diana Slickman,
& Christopher Piatt

Plus live music by

Wed. January 14, 2004 at 8pm
at The No Exit Café
6970 N. Glenwood (Morse el stop)
$7 or pay what you can

Mr. Brown Paper Bag Puppet says: "Hey! You! Come celebrate Partly Dave's return from hiatus, and the start of our 2004 season!"

Past Editions

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