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The Partly Dave Show FAQ

WHAT sort of thing is it?
A cabaret variety show mixing live music & spoken word performances, hosted by Dave Awl.
Who is this Dave Awl character, anyway?

Is there a CO-HOST?
Why, yes! Dave would be lost in space without the sensational Christopher Piatt (a.k.a. the First Mate and Science Officer of The Partly Dave Show), who is Dave's primary co-conspirator, and our newly minted co-co-host, the splendid and sparkling Diana Slickman!

WHEN does it occur?
The show is currently being scheduled on a sporadic basis ... watch this space and the Dave Awl News mailing list for show announcements.

WHERE can it be found, in a geographical sense?
The Partly Dave show gets around! It has previously happened at the Neo-Futurarium, the Viaduct Theatre, and (originally) at The No Exit Café in Rogers Park. It may be visiting some new locations in the future ... stay tuned.

HOW MUCH is it?
The suggested donation varies depending on the event, but is usually less than a movie with popcorn and generally accompanied by our "or pay what you can" clause.
(That means you don't have to stay home because you're broke again, girlfriend.)

What other FUN FACTS can you share?

  • The Partly Dave Show is always smoke-free!
  • The Partly Dave Show is always "Pay what you can!"
  • The Partly Dave show is never forced to land on water!
  • The Partly Dave show is rarely attacked by flying weasels!

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Not your everyday horse-frightening cabaret excursion.
More fun than a Winnebago full of lemurs.
Guaranteed not to stain or wrinkle.

Saturday, April 18, 2009:

"listen:there's a hell
of a good universe next door;let's go"
— e.e. cummings

Universe Next Door

Partly Dave presents an evening of Spock-with-a-beard stories about parallel universes, alternate histories, bizarro worlds, and "What Ifs."

Join us as we kick off the first of three shows at the Neo-Futurarium for spring 2009!

blue galaxy

Hosted by Dave Awl
With co-hosts
Christopher Piatt
and Diana Slickman

Guest performances by:
Dan Telfer
John Pierson

Plus live music by:
The Maybenauts

Saturday, April 18, 2009, at 7:00pm
at the Neo-Futurarium (view map)
5153 N. Ashland Avenue (at Foster)
Chicago, IL

Admission: $12 or pay what you can


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