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What the Sea Means:
Poems, Stories and Monologues 1987-2002
by Dave Awl

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Praise for What the Sea Means:

"Dave Awl's eagerly anticipated book What the Sea Means has arrived and the good news is that it was well worth the wait. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of hearing Awl perform as a Pansy King, a Neo-Futurist, at the annual Pride reading at Women & Children First, or any other venue, knows that he is an exemplary artist, who is able to communicate a vast range of emotions through his writing. Collected in book form, his writing has the same impact, washing over the reader and sending them on an unforgettable voyage."
— Gregg Shapiro, Windy City Times

"Word paintings that are surreal and full of revelations...Diving into Dave Awl's work is like discovering a continent or a magical island: You thought it might be there but you didn't dare hope it would be this weird, this different."
— Chris Bell, author of The Bumper Book of Lies

"In this delightful debut... the strangeness and poignancy of life is examined with a refreshing vividity of style and deprecation of self. Dave Awl has a penchant for taking metaphors for a walk and seeing where they lead him. If you go along with him you'll find the journey is repeatedly interesting and above all, entertaining...If you sometimes feel like the man that Vermeer painted over, and know that nobody can properly articulate the sadness of the tea kettle, buy this book."
— Richard Cooper, Thoughtcat.com

"Dave Awl writes from the perspective of an outsider looking out, a true believer in the secret lives of corpuscles and cantaloupe. The poems in What the Sea Means...will ensure that your mind remains supple and fluent in the possibilities of boulders, celery and unoccupied shower stalls."
— Ayun Halliday, The East Village Inky

"In a drop-kicking, body-slamming, smell-what-I'm-cooking world, Dave Awl's deft, light touch is a saving grace."
— Lisa Buscani, author of Jangle

Praise for Dave Awl's writing:

"Dave Awl has a decidedly wicked, silly, surreal sensibility, fracturing linguistic and social assumptions...his approach lies somewhere between the Marx Brothers, conceptualism, and high art."
Chicago Reader

"Masterful...Awl probes with a keen eye and ear and a wicked and illuminating mind."
Gay Chicago

"...Seemingly insignificant details serve as coded passageways to the heart, time- sensitive and individual as fingerprint IDs."
— D. Travers Scott, Dialogue

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