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Text to "Deadsy and the Sexo Chanjo" (1989)

A surreal animated short
Written and Narrated by Russell Hoban
Directed by David Anderson

Deadsy and the Sexo Chanjo
Russell Hoban

When Deadsy wuz lil he like din do nuffing big he din do nuffing only lil ooky-pooky deadsy byebyes like he do a cockrutch or a fly he din do nuffingbig. He werkin his way up tho after wyl he killa mowss O yes my my. He like that he like killing mowssis nex he done a rat or maybe it wuzza cat I dunno reely. He like that you know it give him like a MMMMM HMMMMM you know it give him like a BIG RUSH O so good wut I'm sayin. Yes yes it make him hear music in his head BIG stiryo in his head thats what he hearin.

Wel Deadsy hun garoun dinnee. Yes he did he hun garoun he growin alla time O so fine he growin his BIG LONG skellingtin MMMMM HMMMMM you know he growin his ROCKME ROLLME RATTLEME BIG BONUS you know his BIG BONUS how the girls all luvvit how he rattel roun the clock with his big bonus makin music O man wut he dun he dun them grate big gigs.

Deadsy tho he know evabody din love him. O yes he wuz big he wuzza reel MEGAGUY only he din have enuf luv in his life he wannit mor of it. Thats when it come to him Im gonna MMM HMMMM O YES IM GONNA GROW OOOOH GONNA GROW AHHH GONNA GROW GRATE BIG SEXO-THINGYS GONNA BE


Then evvabody will luv me.

Wel when Deadsy dun that he like din have the same sexothingys wut he had befor he had difren. He had MIZZ YOUNIVERSS sexo-thingys only he din have his big ol Deadsy BIG BONUS. Evvabody luvvin him tho they all wanna make it with him they all wanna go MMMH MMMH they all wanna do it. So Deadsy tellin them all you berr have grate big sexo-thingys if you wanna do it with me so they dun that they all growin grate big sexo-thingys and they all doin it with Deadsy alla time only wusnt Deadsy no more he wuz MIZZ YOUNIVERSS.


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