I am that astonishment from which you write in those brief moments when you can write.
      —The Head of Orpheus in Russell Hoban's The Medusa Frequency

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The Head of Orpheus with his lyre: detail from Odilon Redon's Orpheus (pastel)

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A Russell Hoban Reference Page

Hello! Welcome to the first comprehensive site devoted to one of the 20th (and early 21st) century's most fascinating and original novelists. This page is a map of the site: below you'll find links to general reference materials, as well as information on Mr. Hoban's many books and projects.

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Mr. Hoban
Mr. Hoban

General Reference:

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  • SA4QE — Spreading the Word: Learn more about the mysterious way Hoban fans around the world celebrate Russ's birthday, a.k.a. Hoban Day, February 4. (This site is no longer actively updated as of 2013, since the official site linked above has taken over its role.)
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The Works of Russell Hoban:
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The Kraken Speaks

The Kraken speaks



Tap-dancing owl
Mr. Hoban has been such a prolific author of children's books for so many years that the thought of trying to keep track of them all makes my head swim (much like the head of Orpheus itself). But I've listed some favorites below, and for the completists in the crowd, Mr. Hoban was kind enough to send along A Complete List of Children's Books.

Note: The books listed below are here because they're generally considered children's literature, but don't be fooled. Most of these books contain enough sophisticated wit and thought-provoking ideas to engage the adult reader. Some of them were not written exclusively for children, and contain levels of meaning that perhaps only adults will fully appreciate. Regarding The Mouse and His Child, for example, Mr. Hoban has said that he didn't think of it as a children's book when he wrote it, but merely as his first novel.

  • The Mouse and His Child (1967).
  • The Frances books (mid to late 60s)
  • The Sea-Thing Child (1972, republished 1999)
  • The Captain Najork Books: How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen (1974) and A Near Thing for Captain Najork (1975)
  • The Marzipan Pig (1986)
  • The Trokeville Way (1996)
  • Trouble on Thunder Mountain (1999)
  • Jim's Lion (2001)
  • Soonchild (March 2012) Link to page on the Walker Books site.
  • Rosie's Magic Horse (October 2012)


  • Turtle Diary: the film (1985). Mr. Hoban's second novel was made into an excellent film with a screenplay by Harold Pinter, starring Ben Kingsley and Glenda Jackson.
  • "Deadsy" and "Door" (1989/1990): two animated shorts by David Anderson with text and narration by Mr. Hoban. Page updated with new info, Feb. 3 1999.
  • The Second Mrs Kong (1994). An original opera commissioned by the Glyndebourne Touring Opera. Libretto by Russell Hoban, music by Sir Harrison Birtwistle. Page added Feb. 3, 1999.
  • The Mouse and His Child: the film (1977). 83-min. animated version features the voices of Peter Ustinov and Chloris Leachman!
  • Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas: TV special (1977). A Jim Henson/Muppet version of Mr. Hoban's children's story.
  • Riddley Walker - Stage Version (1986). Adapted from the novel by Mr. Hoban, and performed at the Manchester Royal Exchange February-March of 1986. (US premiere: Chocolate Bayou Theatre, April 1987.)
  • The Carrier Frequency (1984). Text for a theatre piece performed by the Impact Theatre Co-operative, in December of 1984, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.


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