There is only one place, and that place is time.
--The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (p. 51)

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  • Kraken member Eli Bishop hosts and curates the Annotations to Riddley Walker site.
  • Kraken member Richard Cooper documents the SA4QE, the mysterious annual event by which Hoban fans around the world celebrate Mr. Hoban's birthday (Feb. 4).
  • Check out Dan Ellis's Russell Hoban page. (Dan's page was up before mine, and he provided me with invaluable assistance in getting this site together.) Don't miss his account of meeting Mr. Hoban.
  • Kraken member Chris Bell's wonderful Bumper Book of Lies site is back. Provocative fiction by a talented writer in his own right, and poster child for the severe inhaled form of Hoban influence. ;-)
  • Evelyn C. Leeper's Reviews page with links to many Hoban reviews (scroll down to "H"). Evelyn was nominated for a Hugo Award as Best Fan Writer, in part for her review of Fremder!

Places To Buy Stuff

Due to the rather sad conditions prevailing in the contemporary publishing industry, in many places some of Mr. Hoban's books are either out of print or extremely hard to find. Here in the US, for example, some of the earlier novels are still out of print, and several of the most recent haven't been released! Oh, the injustice. But if you comb the used book stores patiently and methodically, you can probably turn up most of what you're looking for, though likely not all at once. And don't be afraid to try your local library—Mr. Hoban has always been fairly popular with the librarian set.

But the best news is that you can find most if not all of it online. The following three sites are devoted to used, rare, imported and antiquarian books, and are extremely helpful in tracking down Mr. Hoban's books—especially the out-of-print ones. All three are searchable, so just click search and enter "Russell Hoban," or the specific titles you're interested in.

  • The Alibris site (formerly known as Interloc).
  • The ABE Books site.
  • The Bibliofind site used to be swell, but it got swallowed up by Amazon. Still, you might find some things here.

Other good connections:

  • Visit the site of Bloomsbury Publishing, Mr. Hoban's UK publishers, for info on his recent UK-only releases, as well as reissues of earlier books and future Hoban releases. You can order books from the site and have them shipped anywhere in the world.
  • The Amazon UK site will ship many Hoban books not available in the US anywhere in the world.
  • The US Amazon site has info on many Hoban books, too.
  • The new Russell Hoban Omnibus and Expanded Edition of Riddley Walker, from Indiana University Press, can be ordered from Amazon, or by calling IU press directly, toll free (within the US) at 1-800-842-6796. Or visit their website via the link given above, where you'll find their full catalog online.

Interviews, Reviews and Articles on This Site

Visit The Reading Room for a selection of Hoban interviews, reviews and articles hosted on this site.



Off-Site Reviews and Articles

When I first began work on this site in May of 1998, I planned to maintain this section as a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of every Hoban reference I could find on the Web. I'm pleased to say that goal quickly became ludicrous, because there are now so many Hoban-related links I couldn't possibly keep track of them all. And when you factor in the standard rate of link rot on the Web, well, let's just say the housekeeping became prohibitive.

These days, your best bet is to visit the Russell Hoban category of the Open Directory Project. Here's where it lives:

The Open Directory Project: Russell Hoban

...And if that's not enough for you, a Russell Hoban Google Search should keep you out of trouble for days.

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