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Omnibus cover

A Russell Hoban Omnibus

A Collection of Writing by Russell Hoban

published by Indiana University Press
(December, 1999 - Available now!)


  • Official release date: December 1, 1999.
  • Length: 752 pp.
  • What's New in This Collection: For starters, along with the four classic Hoban novels with which Hoban fans are familiar, the Omnibus contains the never-before-published-in-book form Return of Manny Rat, the incomplete, fragmentary sequel to The Mouse and His Child which Mr. Hoban began but abandoned. The collection also contains a number of things never before published in the US, like Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer, stories and essays from The Moment Under the Moment, and poems from The Last of the Wallendas. See below for complete contents.
  • Availability: Hardcover only to begin with, but if it sells well there may be a paper version eventually.
  • Price:US$39.95
  • ISBN:0-253-33586-8


A Russell Hoban Omnibus was officially released at the beginning of December, 1999. You can order it directly from Indiana University Press, and read more about it on the IU Press Omnibus page. Meanwhile, is offering the Omnibus at a whopping 30% discount. That brings the tome's substantial $39.95 pricetag down to a more manageable $27.97, a savings of twelve bucks.


Here are the complete contents of the Omnibus (as I'm writing this I don't have my copy yet, so this is taken from the table of contents IU Press faxed me):


SHORT STORIES [these were all originally included in The Moment Under the Moment and are described in the Descriptive Table of Contents for Moment Under the Moment]:
  • "The Man with the Dagger,"
  • "My Night with Léonie,"
  • "The Raven,"
  • "Dream Woman,"
  • "Dark Oliver,"
  • "The Ghost Horse of Genghis Khan"

ESSAYS [both from The Moment Under the Moment]:
  • "'I, that was a child, my tongue's use sleeping...'"
  • "With a Choked Cry"

POEMS [these were all originally included in The Last of the Wallendas]:
  • "03:00 Abroad"
  • "Crystal Maze"
  • "The Owl-Woman"
  • "Turtle Prince?"
  • "Fred to Samantha"
  • "Dragon into Dressing-Gown"
  • "The Hippogriff"
  • "What the Fairy Said to the Bibliophile"
  • "The Dragon underneath the Mat"


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