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Bloomsbury Publishing's Press Release for Angelica's Grotto:

Angelica’s Grotto

by Russell Hoban

Publication: 4th November 1999, Bloomsbury Trade Paperback Original, 10

"A startling new novel by one of the most original writers of the 20th century. Russell Hoban
has never been funnier, truer or more eloquent"

ANGELICA’S GROTTO previewed in Publishing News.




Imagine you are a seventy-two year old man.

Imagine you lose your inner voice.

Imagine saying those 53,640 thoughts aloud. Wherever you are.

Welcome to the upturned world of Harold Klein, 72. His bizarre handicap lands him in casualty, seeing a shrink and turning from his research as an eminent art historian to pornography on the internet. Through the pornographic website — Angelica’s Grotto — he encounters Melissa and Leslie who treat sex as a pure psychological study. "You’re a tiger from the neck up, Professor," says Melissa, the brains behind the website, when at last he faces the object of his desire. Klein’s attempts to cope with his lack of self-censorship and his new-found frenzied sexual activity — both virtual and real — rapidly escalate out of control.

In the vein of William Boyd and John Irving, Russell Hoban has written a modern classic. Compelling, poignant and very funny, Angelica’s Grotto is an unnervingly honest portrait of male sexuality and a challenge to society’s stereotype of ‘the dirty old man’ not up to much physically but with a lot of sex going on in his head.

RUSSELL HOBAN - Biographical Information

Russell Hoban was born in 1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served in the U.S. Infantry during WWII and worked in New York and Connecticut teaching art and working as a freelance illustrator and an advertising copywriter. He is the author of many extraordinary novels including Turtle Diary, Riddley Walker and most recently Mr Rinyo-Clacton’s Offer. He has also written some classic children’s books including The Mouse and his Child and The Frances Books. He has lived in London since 1969.

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